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Hide and Seek

As kids, we all probably played hide and seek.  I was never very good at seeking, but I was extremely good at hiding.  Here’s how we played.  Our group of ruffians would determine who was “it,” and “it” would count to a random number chosen by the players.  Then everyone would scurry away to their hiding places.  Next, “it” would hustle to find the first victim and try to tag him before he returned to base.  You get the picture.

There are not a lot of things I claim to know for sure, without any shadow of doubt.  I would like to share two of them with you now.

Hiding from the truth goes on perpetually, with no end result.

  • You’re fatherless with an unreal concept of who you were created to become.

You’re hiding from the unknown, what you don’t know, what might or might not happen.  But the most terrible of all unknowns is this.  To reverse the curse of fatherlessness in you and me means we will have to be emotional and spiritually vulnerable. 

Seeking the wrong stuff leads further away from the truth.

  • The truth is you have a distinct destiny – sonship.

Sonship means simply this-you’re a son of a loving, caring father who has all your best interests in mind for your future and destiny. So, you’re seeking something, someone, some fantastic job, some marvelous geographical location, some imaginative creative quest.  You’re seeking something that lies just beyond your reach.  The sad part of this and the truth is that you and I will never, ever find that something to fill the father void. 

Bunkered in.

The safest not-so-good place I’ve found in my journey was my bunker. I say was…  I continually battle retreat into my bastion of personal hiding place and protection. The beauty of the bunker is I control the atmosphere, who enters, and what, if anything I want to face.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), bunkers are glorified tombs.  You can either stay in your tomb and redecorate/add air fresheners, or you can move out.

Face ups.

1. Face the music.  You didn’t cause your plight, but you’re a victim of it – fatherlessness. You’re not responsible for the circumstances that have affected you, your destiny, and your legacy. But you have to deal.  One of my buddies once asked me, “Bro, when are you gonna step up and face the music!?”  Hey Friend, it’s time to dance!!

2. No more bunkers, champ.  You may not feel like a champ. Maybe, probably, nobody has ever called you “champ.”  It’s identity, pal.  It’s your time to reboot your thinking about yourself, and who you were designed to become.

3. You need a makeover.  You (and I) need an identity makeover. It’s par for the course that you’ve never been challenged to think differently of yourself. You’re reading this because you’re a dad or soon will be.  Who you believe and understand yourself to be is translated into the lives of your children. Believe me friend when I say this, and let me be clear.  You do not want your kids to observe the art of being a tomb (bunker) dweller, especially in your children’s pre-teen and teenage years.  Nightmare.

4. True and complete identity originates in Jesus Christ.  I am not a church dude.  I’m not religious (I pray so), and I don’t call myself “Christian.”  All of these tags can mean so many things to so many people.  I am, to be sure, a close follower of Jesus, a disciple of Jesus.  So this is not about Christian, church, or religion. It’s about true identity and its origination point.  His love has done far more for me than any religion could ever do.

No more hiding.  Only seeking

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