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Find Your Purpose Pt. 1

What is Purpose ? Purpose – the reason for which something [someone] exists or is done, made, used, etc.”  Its why you exists. Its what you do, how and why you do it. Purpose is one of the ways we get fulfillment, joy and satisfaction in your life.  

Absence of purpose in  fatherless men and boys will create an avalanche of confusion and frustration. Lack of purpose shuts a guy down and robs him  of destiny, future and hope. The longer a man lives without clearly defined purpose the more entangled  and confusing his life becomes. And for boys the difficulties are compounded.

Having no purpose in our lives makes us wanders – vagabonds in all sorts of ways and in all aspects of our lives. From vocation, college majors, family, where we live, raising children and on and on. You name it our whole  lives are affected by lack of purpose.  

Lack of purpose creates weaknesses in our soul. It manifest as an unhealthy thirsty soul. This is where the vagabond success journeys begin.

My unhealthy journey was ladder climbing-seeking success self-serving  greedy success. My redefinition of purpose was twisted up with the “success search.” I justified it by my “sacrificial giving for the cause-ministry (more about that later). [Ministry is not a bad thing.] I shrouded myself with the  success concept in “wanting to do better and make more money so I could take care of my family.”

The interesting thing about purpose is that it gives us part of our identity and exists at the core of who we are, its part of what drives us. The opposite is true. No clear understanding of purpose stalls and frustrates our lives. Draining, disappointing, disrupting and worst of all, discouragement becomes the big interrupter in our lives.

5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose

  1. Divine design. You have a divine design. With divine design comes divine purpose. Believe it or not, you are designed  with a clear definite purpose. My belief is that we all are designed by God with purpose and destiny placed in our very core. A part of that purpose is to be a father. That assignment has duties and responsibilities-to raise strong, healthy  well equipped for life children. This is our life’s treasure-our children.
  2. Success Emerges from Purpose. Success can be illusive. Especially when we don’t understand what purpose really is.  We have to go to the source of divine purpose-Jesus Christ*. There are no short cuts to living a purpose filled life. Purpose is not searched out. Its understood and acted upon. The real secret to living out our purpose effectively is to understand and act upon our purpose.
  3. Deep and Wide. Our purpose expands and grows with time and its expression through our daily lives and in the lives of those around us. It involves more and more people as it matures and grows. Purpose is also infectious-we influence others and their life’s purpose. Purpose grows deep and wide as it expands through the lives of others.
  4. Its transferable. Once we understand purpose, we can transfer the principle’s and ideals as seeds to our children. As we transfer, we become farmers. We sow and gather purpose seeds and sow and gather purpose seeds. One day, we get the harvest we hoped for- well equipped for life kids who become fantastic adults.
  5. Its contagious. Your purpose will empower others to participate with you. Then something magnificent happens. If they are still on their search then you will encourage them to do the same. If they haven’t started their purpose journey yet then you will motivate them to get started. Its influence.


Jesus Christ*- All of us have different stories, memories and experiences in our religious history . The Jesus I speak of is a loving, accepting, merciful and graceful Savior. He is the best source loving wisdom we will ever have in our lives.



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