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Find Your Purpose Pt. 2

Develop -to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more advanced or effective state; to elaborate or expand in detail.
This is the second blog of 2.  Finding Your Purpose. Its a life long process of growing and developing. It won’t be a short lived process. Here’s why-it’s an evolving, living breathing element of our core being. So, its a life long process. Developing your purpose It’s game time!
Development is an inseparable part of every part of our lives. We have to be developers in our own lives, the lives of our families and especially of our purpose. Purpose determines the content and quality of our lives and all those we have influence over. Purpose is the brother to influence.
My leadership coach is Duke Matlock*. In his new book Get Up & Grow – 21 Habits of Successful People says “Success mentors are vital. While you can learn and incredible amount from your colleagues and leaders,  its important to also find an impartial voice.”
Never be afraid of seeking ideas and insights from developers. Some of us see close up (details) and some of us see universally (the big picture).Neither is good or bad-right or wrong. That’s who we are and that’s the way we’re made-its the way we are wired. Having an “impartial voice” to help us fine tune with laser precision  our  purpose and its execution in our “world”.
6 Ways To Develop Your Purpose
  1. Grow. Remember learning to ride a bike? Training wheels for a while and then they came off. We wobbled and wrecked for a while and then one day no wobbles. Our balance soon became steady and our confidence grew. Our bike riding muscles became stronger and stronger. Then we try new things on our bikes and we GROW! That’s how we grow our purpose-we exercise in our lives and the lives of those we influence.
  2. Feed Them Both. Nothing grows without nutrition. First we need to feed our souls. Soul feeding is not difficult. It takes discipline and consistency. Out of our soul comes purpose. Then we have to feed our purpose. Quiet time or meditation allows our soul to settle and wash away the noise of life. Forming  a solid strategy takes time, effort and concentration. Don’t be tempted to work on the “fly”.
  3. Water Your Crops. We have to include spiritual enrichment in our lives. If this is undeveloped area in your life, seek out a spiritual mentor. Someone who will tell you like it is-someone who will challenge you. I have in person spiritual mentors and virtual mentors however, the in person mentor is a must have. Another way to water or spiritually enrich yourself is to find things that feed your soul. I include practices of my faith. Listening to music, talks by other leaders, reading history, devotional studies. There are lots of ways to enrich yourself. Find what works for you and do it. Remember, these things are transferable to your children. You’re pioneering here.
  4. Seek wisdom.  Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek wisdom from men who are more experienced at being a good father. We all learn by listening to others whether we are reading, listening to a speaker or just talking with friends. Remember that great fathers learned their skills from other men who were willing to transfer what they to learned from another, It will be your time to pay it forward someday. Learn everything you are able to learn.
  5. Don’t be afraid to reroute. Our directions shift on occasion. Its alright. Purpose is not a rigid element. Its flexible and pliable-it shifts and adapts-it evolves and grows as it matures. The scope of purpose will always be growing and expanding so rerouting will become a natural part of its growth patterns.
  6. Pray. One of the greatest ways to deepen and broaden your life is to pray. Prayer is simply talking to God. When we talk to God we are developing a relationship with Him. Just talk an then  listen. I found the more that I listen and create space to listen the more I hear God speak to me. He is the GREATEST Father ever! He has lots he wants to transfer over to you.

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