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Find Your Fear

Let’s be truthful. Unfiltered, pride removed, verbal clarity, no camouflaging. Agreed? Forward then.

All of us have faced, wrestled, or run from fear at one time or another in our lives. And for most of us, we will do so again before the end of our days. Fear is real and shouldn’t be underestimated, misunderstood or disregarded. But know this, fear can be defeated by the victor, that’s you.

Reality is this.  Fear, in its purest form, is the antagonist in the story of our lives. Fear has only one purpose, to wreck our mind, will, emotions and intellect. To such a degree, that we are stymied in all that we do or could ever become. Fear purposes itself against us to steal, destroy, and kill the very best and most valuable possessions of our lives, which are relationships and abundance in all things good.

Fear is a contaminant that evolves into poison. It will attach to the weakest touch points hidden deep in our souls. It lingers in the thick, dense, dark shadows of our souls, waiting on the opportunity to interrupt and seize our lives.  Fear lives in darkness where there is the absence of light. Because that is where it can remain nameless, empowered by darkness and without identity to the fearful one.  Light exposes darkness permanently and removes all hiding places made only for stalking predators.

Anything without a name can never be eradicated from our lives with lasting finalization.  We have to find our fear and name it.  This is the biggest problem with fear that we all face, its lingering affect in the shadows of our hearts.  Nameless and without identity, contaminating whatever it touches, and robbing what it wills from futures and from destinies.  And most certainly extending darkness into our souls. Find it, name it, and crush its affect in your life.

Many people I have interviewed, surveyed, and had discussions with regarding fear willing to discuss the fear part of their lives.  Some will discuss it openly in a group setting, while others are willing to acknowledge and discuss their fear(s) privately in a one-on-one closed forum.  One thing is clear, people want to unload and move beyond fear, to fearless.

Let’s clear the board at the beginning.  Don’t be embarrassed about facing, wrestling, or running from fear.  It happened.  It’s past, but it’s not welcome anymore in our lives. Any person breathing has had the fear battle, if he or she is truthful about fear.  Be assured that fear is a battle for many.  If not for you personally, for those we love, care about and have relationships important to you.

Giving names to things, especially the secret things in our hearts, has to be done. Naming our fears is the first step to becoming fearless.  Moreover, identifying fear by name carries with it a value that increases quality of life.  Together we journey to the victor’s  circle, side by side to  fearless.

Fear is a bully, and we all know how bullies learn their lesson.

  • they are called out
  • we get the first punch
  • they are taken to the ground
  • their bully will is taken from them
  • they’re warned not to ever return

Will you journey together with me to the other side of fear?

So what’s your Prologue??

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