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Confronting Fear

Fear has no favorites 

Fear does not discriminate in any way, form, or fashion. Every person, regardless of his station in life, will face fear and become either a victim or a victor. That’s settled, and there is no inbetween. Where there are victims and victors, there will also be battles. Where there are battles, there will also be declared war by one or both parties. Inevitably, unavoidable.

The declared war is on our souls; our mind, will, emotions and intellect, the most strategic parts of our souls. Fear’s intention to dominate our lives, rob them of not only their abundance but also our futures and destinies as well. So there’s an obvious question then that surfaces like a submarine making an emergency blow from deep below the sea….where does fear come from?

Fear’s plan

It’s a sneaky, lying, stealthy creeper that has the most convincing and crafty deceptions, designed especially for our weaknesses, wonders, hopes, and dreams. For most of us,  it probably is the most experienced adversary we’ve ever faced. A master of the weapons he uses in warfare against us, our family, friends, and circles of influence. But the most powerful weapons in his arsenal are…….words and thoughts.  His whispers slither through our  minds to the most vulnerable weaknesses in our souls. The purpose? For the establishing of strongholds in our lives, for the control of our souls. He steals the most precious to us; kills our original design and purpose; destroys our future and destiny. 

Fear’s Origin

Fear is rooted in evil. Its first appearance in the garden of Eden was as a serpent. The serpent appeared to the first man and woman created, Adam and Eve, the parents of humanity.  (Disagree? Give the benefit of the doubt and follow along.) Evil started the war that day in the garden. War was declared on all of humanity. So it’s official, you’re a combatant, and you’re in the ‘red zone’. Interestingly enough,  the war was started and won right there in that very same moment. The parents of humanity had fallen to fear and one of their sons would become the Wounded Victor. Their Son would crush the serpent’s head. The victorious Son would rise as the Victor for all of humanity, one time, for all humanity. 

Locate and identify 

Soul searching is a developed discipline. The “soul search” requires time, quiet places, and the creation of space to process thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This created space isn’t a hurdle.  It’s the first offensive movement we make against fear. It’s the initial step where we take back what’s been stolen, valuable soul ground, the stuff life is made of and for, what we live out of, and with which we create our destinies.

Hesitation and procrastination won’t win battles or wars. Move forward, warrior.

Make your declaration

  • what are your fears
  • identify them
  • start the list
  • no lone rangers
  • ask for reinforcements

Warriors or victims.  There’s no inbetween. 

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Purpose. Identity. Sonship.


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