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Fear’s Kryptonite 

When I was a kid, I watched “Superman” shows. There were so many options. Cartoons, movies, and daily episodes available for viewing.  I would watch,  pretend, and dream about being “Superman.” My all-time favorite rendition is “Man of Steel.”  Different slant, different plot, and more in-depth family history, especially about the family’s strengths and weaknesses. All superheros have strengths and weaknesses, even Superman.

Over time, and in all versions of the Superman story, there are hundreds of reasons why Superman was the hero. But his super-human abilities were most certainly the qualities that made him the hero. For these abilities determined his ultimate contribution to the world, the stuff he was born to be, and the things he would do. But, like almost all superheroes, he had one weakness.

Superman’s weakness was Kryptonite. It stole his ability and strength but not his purpose. Weakening his superpower affected his identity. When our weaknesses are amplified and our strengths are dampened, our ultimate contribution in life is paused.  In our case, identity is stolen and purpose is blurred.

Fear is no superhero

Don’t misunderstand. Fear is not a superhero and doesn’t have superpowers. 

One thing is for sure.  Fear would love for you and me to think the exact opposite, that it is a superhero and has superpowers. So much so, that fear shows its most powerful weapon…… Fear’s most powerful tactic is deception with words and thoughts

Deception is the form in which fear appears. Remember, fear is rooted in evil. And evil, in general, is profound wickedness, moral depravity, harmfully destructive disregard for others.  It’s the absence of God’s presence, the opposite of His holy love.    

Fear’s Kryptonite is Faith

Faith is confidence or trust in something or someone. This is where the rub happens. It’s the very place we get thrown off the tracks in every kind of relationship. Those are the relationships of life and love, friends and family. Faith in people and things, opportunities and dreams has disappointed and wrecked relationships of every sort and kind imaginable. Aren’t the most valuable relationship assets love and trust? In fact, there is no way to love without trust. This kind of faith is people faith.

The faith that is fear’s Kryptonite id God-faith. It’s the faith that a person has in God and no other person, place or thing. God-faith is the promise from God (Jehovah, of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the Father of Jesus the Messiah) that He will never leave us or forsake us. He will never fail us or cause us to distrust Him. In the very words of God Himself recorded in the Hebrews book section in the Bible. Hebrews 11:1 “Faith (God-faith) is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”

Fear has no authority or power over anyone who has this powerful God-faith in their lives. This kind of faith shines light in the shadows where fear dwells. So it’s like this, we trust God because He loves us. His best for us is a father-son relationship with Him. Personal, one-on-one. Through faith, by faith. And for sure, He does not want us to be entrapped, terrorized, or hindered by fear. He’s a good Father who loves you and me more than we have the ability to understand, but we can experience in our daily lives.

Fear is rooted in evil and counts on us focusing more on what might be than what really is and doesn’t, in fact, exist. God-faith is faith that shows the reality of what we hope for in a father you can trust and believe in without being hurt and disappointed, knowing it will happen. Fear is counting on what hasn’t happened yet. Faith is believing what we hope for in a father we can trust.

Victory over fear starts with trusting a Father that will never let us down. Knowing that faith removes fear  so we can live in a light that never ends, experiencing abundant full lives. Live fearless. 

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Purpose. Identity. Sonship.

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