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Caution, Risk and Return

All of us want to avoid danger. There is no doubt, that is the better part of wisdom and valor. And most men want to avoid mistakes or failure. Clearly, we will never avoid mistakes or failures in life and we will encounter danger on occasion. The headliner, we have to embrace this knowledge that these challenges will come. Predetermined responses to these challenges help reduce the risk of mistakes and failure and the avoidance of danger in all forms.

Caution is the care given to avoid danger or mistakes. The pinch point for us then is how we decide and how we move forward. We don’t always have the luxury of processing or strategizing with a trusted advisor. Readiness is so very crucial for good decision-making.

How do we apply caution in the decisions we make while                                           leading as husband and father? 

Caution has its roots in one of two places, fear or wisdom. Fear paralyzes, creates doubt, and is the catalyst for bad or rushed decisions.  Fear steals confidence, courage, and being sure in our office as a husband, father, and leader. Wisdom coupled with experience empowers us, strengthens our resolve and bolsters confidence and surety,  courage and boldness to decide well and move forward confidently.

Risk and return are the additional elements that complete the equation of deciding well.    Risk and return are investment terms. The uncertainty of the investment, or risks, are associated with the potential returns.  Risk and return tradeoffs can increase the value and bring higher profits as long as the investor is willing to accept the loss. Nobody wants a loss.

Decision-making road work makes us better men for the journey and wiser in our experience. In the long run, our relationships with our family improve with each decision and the benefits they bring in return. You’re the man, you can do this thing…….. #crushit

  1. Decisions are investments.  Every decision has a return. Some returns will be better than others. Regardless, make the best from each one and be intentional about growing from the experience.
  2. Pressure is a friend. Make pressure work for you and not against you.  Manipulate pressure to our advantage. Pressure is a back door to fear, doubt, mental stress and a robber of courage and confidence. Pressure is the challenge to perform well in the present situation making you and me better every step of the way.
  3. Experience brings wisdom. We learn from every experience in decision-making. Every outcome of every decision will bring wisdom. Wisdom is the source of your greatness. By the way, who and what you are transferring to your family. Be wisdom.
  4. Find wisdom. Use every source of wisdom you can find. Men who have strong families; research; utilize your community of faith. Grandfathers are amazing sources of wisdom and coaches as well. Most importantly, God (Jehovah) Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord (God, Jehovah) is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
  5. Make profitable decisions. Humility, honesty, integrity, and purity will endear you to your wife and children. We might feel like this makes us look weak. The opposite. It makes us vulnerable and strong in the right way to our wives and our children. Your emotional equity will supersede your greatest expectations with them. Love will grow.     #crushit


Purpose. Identity. Sonship. Legacy. 

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