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Road Map To Discipline ​


Discipline transitions us from present existence to a completely different new creature. Weaknesses, frustrations, inconsistencies and lackluster fall away. Power, strength, and purpose emerge simultaneously with rocket force intensity. “

When we look in the mirror in the morning we see one of two guys; that guy is incredible, or who is that guy and how can I get rid of him?! Now the funny thing is how we come to a conclusion, and usually, it’s dependent upon the day we experienced before.  What is the equalizer? Is there an element that brings balance to the love-hate relationship? Yep. It’s discipline.  

Now, unless we are extremely well adjusted and came from the perfect two-parent home…….(i hope you’re laughing because there are none), we face the imbalance each new day between the two poles.   So, here’s the deal. We are all messed up in some way or another, and we need balance.  We all need discipline. It is the truth serum and the equalizer between the two guys in the mirror.  

Static Tension. ST has a strong, forceful gravitational pull that is deadly. Why? Because the pull makes us stay the same mediocre or failed state we presently exist within. Growth is stalemated, and we become prisoners of lackluster (great word). When we are unclear regarding knowledge of our life’s ultimate contribution, the direction is misunderstood, then down the toilet goes our purpose swirling with our identity.  

Break Out and Away. For a spacecraft to break free of gravity, it first must go fast enough to break out of the static tension’s hold.  For a ship that is already in orbit, thrusters would be fired to generate enough speed to break free of gravity continuing further and further away from gravitational pull until our new destination is reached.

How do we move beyond the frustration of past failures and anxiety of remaining the same but wanting more for ourselves and our families? We have to break out of the orbit we’re presently in and move to the place where we live a fulfilling and productive life. The one element in life that makes all this possible is discipline. Through discipline, we become healthy, determined men that live productive lives and lead our families to do the same.

Four Levels of Discipline 

  1. Initiative. Assess where you are with clarity and honesty. These are musts. After you have made your own assessment, involve another trusted person who will tell you the truth and not sugar coat. This is foundational. Otherwise, we launch in a direction that only deceives us and pushes us off course.
  2. Application. Take your assessments and make the necessary adjustments. Set goals in measurable, sustainable steps making steady, sure movements. There are no giant steps to be made. Foundations are built before the walls and the roof. Every step is necessary for reaching the ultimate goal.
  3. Action. Assessments, goals, steps and now action. Heres, where the determination to move past the pain just after the new has worn off of the startup. Keep going, remembering that speed is not the idea but steady, forward movement with the application. This is the place where momentum starts. Continue building momentum because as it grows, you become stronger and more confident.
  4. Consistency. Conform to the application. Be steadfast. Adhere to the principles that complete your purposes for growth. Carry through, even in difficulties. Through difficulties, we grow stronger, more courageous and confident.

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