Stop Feeling Powerless ​​​

There are a handful of things that make men feel less than strong, complete and fulfilled. But, by far, there is only one that steals, destroys and kills manhood like feeling powerless. Feeling powerless weakens our ability to stand tall and strong, fearless and confident, able to carry sword and shield for life’s battles, both present, and future.

No man alive willfully wants to acknowledge a weakness in his armor. For that matter, any weakness. Because that is not who we are and that is not what we do, for we are strong and mighty. We were designed for such great feats, to lead, explore, establish, form bonds and conquer enemies. That’s who we are, and that’s what we do. 

Yet, feeling powerless cause reactions that are not part of our man-DNA. The opposite poles of being a powerful man are over and under compensation. Here in lies the problem, many of us vacillate between the two opposite poles of over and under compensation, rather than making our center of gravity that of a powerful man.  

Overcompensation. When we feel threatened by power loss, we go into defensive mode. This is different than digging in for battle or for establishing a stronghold for an attack. Its feeling defensive due to the feeling of loss of power. Its the feeling of being disrespected or disregarded both those we lead positionally and in reality. Then we react accordingly. 

Undercompensation.  When we feel threatened, we bunker in and hide allowing our feelings and insecurities to dictate direction. We enable nobody access except they agree with our observations and perspectives. We alienate those closest to us, especially if I perceive them as threats or if they are the offenders of my identity. 

Be strong and corageous.

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