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Words Spoken By Good Fathers

Words spoken by a good father and husband literally change the course of history. No matter where his words are heard, they can move mountains or build walls and damns. Healing, humility, encouragement,  and love can come like a bubbling, refreshing brook and should always be the life-giving force in the home. These are the words of a good father and husband.

We fathers have been given the opportunity of all time. That’s the opportunity to be good fathers to our children. We have been commissioned to love, lead and launch our kids’ into the very best future God (Jehovah) has designed and one we desire for them. That’s it, in the purest form. Being a good father is simple. That doesn’t mean simple is easy, it just says that the course is as clear as we desire it to be. The balance of the simple equation is, well, we lean-in and execute the repair of the human stuff as it surfaces in our families. Words create the pathway for healing and change.

The most potent force in the universe is wordsHere’s the truth. A father’s words have creative power in the hearts, lives, futures, and destinies of our children. The word create is passed over or misunderstood more often than not. Create, in the father-sense means this, that out of the contents my heart and yours flows words into the lives of our children.  Let that settle for a second or two. Jesus Christ, says it this way:

“The good person out of the good treasury of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasury produces evil, for his mouth speaks from what fills his heart.”

Our communications to our children create two types of pathways to the future.  Healthy and productive and unhealthy and struggling pathways. Children are unique little people. Their hearts, souls, and minds absorb every word spoken about them, to them and over them. We fathers shape souls in our little people to look into the future with no boundaries and no reservations. We build confidence, character, and far less than mediocre hearts. We create their identity with our words, make a fortress of protection around them emotionally and physically and arm them with confidence and surety of self and future.

Our children will always need their parents, even after they leave home. Our investments of love, development, and teaching of core beliefs, and identity in their formative years (varying from child to child) determine the type of people our children become.  Will our children know that they are loved, cared for and have worth or will they be children who seek love, wonder what they believe or are unsure of their worth and identity not knowing why they exist in this life?

The Greatest Words You’ve Ever Spoken to Your Kids

  1. “I’m your father, and I love you.” All children have father hunger. In other words, our children hunger for their father’s love and confidence in knowing that they have worth because of their belonging to him.  These two elements are foundational for our children’s identity, and virtually all of their well being throughout their life, even affecting their own families as well.  Legacy transference and impartation move from one generation to the next.
  2. “I am always with you.” Assurance of loving, caring oversight and involvement in a child’s life is significant for the development and health of their souls (mind, will, emotions and intellect).  All of a person’s life emerges from their souls. Children transfer and impart the content for their souls to their future relationships, families, and generations.
  3. “You are made for greater things.” All children possess a divine design or call on their lives and futures individually input into their souls by the Creator. As we oversee and help them grow through their different life stages and challenges, we discover what their ‘bent’ or what their ‘design actually is, what they are best suited to do and accomplish in this life.
  4. “We will get there together.” Loving, leading and launching children are the responsibility of parents. Our promise to our children to be a lifelong source of love, wisdom, and understanding throughout their lives and ours has immeasurable worth to them.  Regardless, even when they stray, we continue to imulate the Heavenly Father in manner, word and deed, always just as He’s done with us.
  5. “I Bless you.” The blessings from a father carry eternal weight and significance in the life and destiny of a child. For that blessing determines the quality of life transmitting and affecting generations to come.  We bless because we are fathers, not because children earn or deserve being blessed but because they belong to us because they are given to us on loan from our Creator, God (Jehovah).


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