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Father's Day Expectations​

Father’s Day has arrived, and you will be celebrated today. For there is something especially unique about being a dad. All the celebrations are different in tradition from family to family. The similarity is that we are going to celebrate the man we call “Dad”! Deserving or not, most of us will be celebrated. So, realistically, some will be genuine, heartfelt celebrations and others box checking for posterities sake.
Resturants will be crowded with substantial wait times. Gifts of honor from golf clubs to ties and tools or maybe even a Harley or a new car or truck. All those things are very nice, but the very best gifts of all, are the cards and the hugs. Those are the most enduring and memorable. Those are the things most of us love more than our favorite meal, dessert or gift.
But, what about the unmet expectation of the way we imagined the celebration going? For some, the day will not go according to what we believed or hoped. Maybe a little disappointment or a quick shrug it off and continue on with the day. Perhaps you are not celebrated because the ball was dropped, maybe some family drama or the day was interrupted by family situations arising suddenly without notice.
Whatever happens today, here are three helpful hints how to make Father’s Day a great day.

Making Father’s Day A Great Day

  1. Enjoy being celebrated. Life’s celebrations are essential to emotional and mental health. Not to mention, they are sources of joy and momentum. Feeling loved and appreciated helps us to aspire to even more significant accomplishments and becoming better dads.  If you’re uncomfortable with it, learn to like it. Those who celebrate us watch our responses feeling loved back as well. It’s called worth development.
  2. Worthy or unworthy, celebrate.  Fatherless dads struggle a great deal with feeling good or comfortable in celebration struggling to find joy in the process and the moment. Or maybe a dad that’s made way too many mistakes allowing guilt and pain to steal the joy of the day, stop the motion on this one. Whichever case, use this opportunity for review and recalibration. Today is the first day of the new year for growing to the next level as the father to your children.
  3. Family dispositions. Fatherless, dysfunctional, mistake-ridden, perfect? Regardless, learn from our past using those lessons to move you up in the father ranking in your family. Here’s the truth, it doesn’t matter from where we came, our family tree or lack thereof, past experience serve us best as lessons providing growth opportunities to develop some serious dad creds.

If for some reason you aren’t celebrated know that we all are being honored by the greatest Father, the One who started it all, God (Jehovah), the Creator.  Let us all find joy, encouragement and hope in the fact that the Father of fathers celebrates you today.
Most certainly, if you are remembering and honoring the memory of your father that has passed, know that many people still show honor through remembrance.

Happy Father’s Day Dad !!


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  • I celebrate you Barry Edgemon. You are an amazing friend, husband, father and son. Thank you for sharing how. Happy Father’s Day my ever faithful brother.

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