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The ​Tribe

Tribe. Its one of those words that are often on the surface overlooked in western socities.  But what a big word. Everyone in the world sets out to be part of a group that they can belong to and call them “my people” that’s what tribe is.  We have “tribe” wired into us emerging as a deep desire that calls out for membership in a group of some sort. So if you’re one of those people who say that “I’m a lone wolf “ or “I don’t need anyone one,” stop it! You’re confusing yourself.

In most countries of the world, tribal societies are more prominent than in western societies and cultures.  In traditional tribes, membership is inherited through birth. Then at certain ages, children entering adulthood must make the transition through ritual acts,  tribal concepts, practices, and customs. This is the passageway, until death, they are “tribe.”

Today’s western cultures, tribal societies are all but non-existent. And therein lies the paradox, the cultural disintegration through the loss of father’s leadership and shepherding, family values and character, traditions, legacy, heritage and topping the list, and for the most part, the clarity and understanding of personal identity. Defunded and hobbled by brokenness, fatherless families, broken marriages and most tragically, children who feel rejected and abandoned, have commitment issues, filled with rage,  anger, and depression. Anything sound familiar? We need a tribe.

Father’s are the agents of the redemption of our families and culture. We have been given a tremendous charge by the Creator of the universe to reclaim our children, marriages, cultures and future generations. A tasking that dwarfs monumental yet can still be done for we are the catalyst to turn tides bringing regeneration. You got tribe!? Be the tribe!

5 Benefits of Tribes

  1. Fatherhood. In tribes, fathers are the leaders, providers, protectors and spiritual heads of their family. The tribe is made up of individual families. The stronger the family, stronger the tribe.
  2. Purpose. The purpose is instituted through the customs, traditions, values, and character in tribal culture. The commonness of cause through language, practice, and training circulates the reasons for existence and perpetuation of the tribe.
  3. Identity. Identity is discovered in the family. Its who we are, what we do and how we do it, first in the family then in the tribe. Tribe defines identity even further and strengthens it in through tribal living and culture.
  4. Sonship. Fathers grant sonship to their sons and daughters through birth. It gives them the right to expect protection, provision, loving care, and guidance throughout their lives. Sonship in God’s family is given through redemption.
  5. Legacy. – Possessions, property, principles, and practices transfer from one generation to the next. It is the framework of passing from one generation to the future generations,  legacy, heritage, and tradition.

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