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Tribe Leader

Dad, you’re the leader of your tribe, your family. Another way to say this is you’re Chieftain of your kindred. That word ‘kindred’ has quite a bit attached to it. Kindred speaks of the generational influence that flows from your position of leadership in your family, present and future. What we do today has the highest impact on tomorrow. Either way, there is a great deal of responsibility that rests on your ability to lead “your people.”

“Being a father is the equivalent of being a tribe leader. You are responsible for preparing this generation so that they will be ready to lead the next.”

‘Your people’ will span generations. Dads, our lives are a representation of our predecessors. And what you are right now may not be what you would prefer to be. But you inherited a lot of who you are from mom, dad, and grandparents. Two options, stay the same that you are right now or become the man you desire to be. Fatherless or not, many of us need a father model to imitate.

Here’s your model, your Heavenly Father, God, Jehovah. We are talking about heritage, tradition, and legacy. He is the Creator and the Father of all generations, peoples, and tribes. That’s why one of His names is “Father God.” It may be a stretch for some guys to embrace this truth. Friend, know this-this a fact that we will never escape and has everything to do with being a generational tribe leader.

What is it that makes a good ‘Tribe Leader’? It’s identity. Knowing who we are, why we are here and how we will live out the rest of our days. Fatherless men must pass through this valley first to break the cycle of fatherlessness. Otherwise, we will transfer to our kids who and what we are affecting our children and their children, on and on.

5 Things Great Tribe Leaders Know

1. Prophet. A prophet hears God’s voice, and direction guiding his tribe likewise. He calms with wisdom, speaks faith during trying times. He establishes, teaches and trains with grace the values determined by God’s Word.
2. Priest. A priest stands before God for his family. Praying for them, the needs of their lives and the salvation of their hearts. He sets the spiritual atmosphere in the home establishing spiritual principles in their lives. He is the mediator of peace and sacrifices his life for his families.
3. King. A King is responsible for the welfare of his family. He provides justice, mercy, protection, and security. He acts in a manner worthy of kingly leadership receiving the honor from them, treating his family with thoughtful consideration and respect. He administers discipline in fairness and respect loving and forgiving generously.
4. Times and seasons. A great tribe leader has a keen awareness of what is happening in culture and its effects on his family. He knows what he must do to counteract and protect from negativity and evil that might prevail against them. He makes himself aware of the seasons in God’s Kingdom that give insight into the culture and how to overcome it.
5. Steward of the future. Great tribe leaders look forward in preparation for lean times and the more than enough times sure to come. Finances, property, possessions, and time ensuring strong provisions for his family. Most importantly, he helps his family plan and steward their lives by aligning them with God’s plans for each of them.

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