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The Culture War Fighting For Our Children’s Destinys

“Amat Victoria Curam”

The Warrior Kings

The most valuable possession in a father’s life is his family. Or at least it should be, and if not, severe and speedy recalibration is required. Why? Fathers have been given the most precious and worthy callings in all of the universes, in all times and in all forevers. For we have started a family by choosing a wife and having children. A noble distinction and call. Together with our wife we have a measureless, invaluable treasure, they are our legacy, our children.

Fathers, we are like great warrior kings of old, or the armor-clad knights supremely skilled in war and weaponry, and perhaps the great Spartan King, Leonidas 1, the great General who was brave, pragmatic and determined. And even, the great King of Israel, David. Fathers, that is who we are in spirit, in nature, in habits and practice. Our treasures are more than worthy of our most significant and best. We are mighty.

“So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Rings

Not feeling so mighty? Not warrior-like. Then its time for genuine, get real, cutting to the bone, inventory, and calibration. We lead Pappas. Our readiness is non-negotiable. We were made for this! The Culture War is raging and making casualties of children each moment that passes. We cannot let our kids become casualties to the culture wars. There are dragons due to their slaying. We are the slayers of dragons great and small. We are the Victors.

5 Dragons of the Culture War

  1. Individual Identity. This is who our children are, how they see themselves, how choices are determined, the value they place on and in themselves. It affects what they do with their lives and the level of success they have in relationships, vocation and building the futures for themselves and their families. If identity can be skewed, distorted or even stolen, then our most prized possessions assigned to our charge can very well be lost.
  2. Sexual Immorality. Our children are growing up, in a culture that seeks to entrap and deceive by brainwashing them into believing that sexual promiscuity and impurity is the norm. From kindergarten through college is inundated with sexual perversion, deception, entrapment, imprisonment and even slavery. This dragon is one of the greatest of all destroyers of identity because purity is stolen. Purity is the lens through which all life is perceived and interpreted.
  3. Technological Mesmerization.  Camouflaged as the knowledge source, educational tool, in-hand convenience and communication connection (all right if utilized correctly with moderation). But due to broken human nature, impulsive, addictive, and desensitized to personal human interaction and relationship. Human relationships are now replaced with social media popularity with own worth being determined by likes, friend requests, and followers. Distilled down, disconnect and false identity markers.
  4. Fatherlessness Children. Father-absent homes contribute to preteen and teen arrests for violent crime, pre-teen and teen pregnancy, suicide, high school drop out rates, sexually transmitted diseases, runaway pre-teen and teen, and incarceration and probation, and gang membership. Any questions?
  5. Broken Families. The traditional family unit, father, mother, and children, at best tend to fare far better as a functional family unit standing against the cultural dragons together in unity, against broken humanity and the lack of community outside the family unit. Families need community.

The victory for the battle lies within you.

What is the present state of your soul? #victorylovespreparation

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  • Fantastic as usual! *Our readiness is non-negotiable. In the famous words of the great philosopher Bill Murray “That’s a fact Jack!”

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