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Delivering Your Children From A Dragon's Trap

Anytime we discuss our children’s welfare and destiny when there are threats or under attack, the tendency for all fathers is cut through the bull stuff, defend and resolve the problem. The hope is that we do so with the wisdom and tenacity possessed by a great warrior king. Its the warrior spirit in fathers that rise to battle the dragons assigned to destroy our children’s future and destiny. We great warrior kings, determined, pragmatic and brave, recon the enemy, assess our battle plan, establish logistics and strategy, then rescue our children finishing off the enemy’s entrapment and effect in their lives.
Papa, all our children, are subject to cultural dragons, and many of them are in danger of entrapment, and some imprisoned. If so, you are not alone. You are in the company of other warrior kings that are fighting the same battles for their children. When possible, join ranks with other fathers in defense of their children’s futures and destinies.

Battle Wisdom

Cultural influence and susceptibility affect our children regardless of how much built-in protection integrated into our families. If we ignore and leave our children to their own devices, at very least, deception will distract them and cause staggering off course. Here’s the reality, entrapment is a condition of the heart. So then, engaging the enemy on the battleground our child’s heart is tedious and complicated. Winnable.
We, papas, are the combat search and rescue team. With love, boldness and wisdom cloaked in quiet humility we win their hearts back to knowing that they are loved, accepted and valued by you. This is the hot spot of the battle, and it is the most tender, volatile place you will ever enter. Afterward, healing and restoration in our children’s soul-health (mind, will, emotions, intellect) can begin restoration to fullness.
Children are created to receive influence from their father and mother daily and throughout their lives. Fathers transfer and impart love, identity, wisdom, character and life skills (short list) at every stage of growth and development for all their life’s and your’s. We are forever, the source of love, wisdom, the voice of experience mentoring, coaching, and developing.

Rescue Strategy From The Dragons
Winning the Dragon Wars

  1. We will never win on our own.  It is the most powerful weapon you possess. It softens the heart of the child, hardens your resolve and weakens the dragons. Not sure how to pray? Start simple. Ask the God of Heaven, the Creator, for help. He is a Father and loves your child more than you can understand. Don’t try to understand. Just talk honestly and openly, listen and watch. Disappointed with God in the past? Move past it. Most likely, if you’re like me, you’re (were or are) involved with people who claimed to know God through religious practice and not a one on one relationship with the Creator.
  2. Seek wisdom. There are two distinct places for finding solid, legit, useable wisdom. First, the God of Heaven, the Creator and other warrior king dads who have won many battles in the past. These men are great leaders, experienced kings, and warriors that love to share their victory strategies with others.
  3. Speak life over your children. The loud dragon voices speak death by deceiving our children with cultural garbage and noisy distractions. Speaking life is a different sound, a more beautiful, softer, less obnoxious voice, pure, steadfast, and true. How do you speak life over your children? Here’s the way. In their presence and their absence, speak loving sound truth to them. Not corrective, negative or controlling, but in lovingkindness. Say the things that you believe about their life, the best and useful things.
  4. Create peaceful atmospheres. Be patient. Most of the time, us dads like to see results that are more immediate. We are farmers. We sow seeds of love, hope, value, and identity. Seeds take time to grow. Fatherly patience beats peace. Tend your plants, water, weed and fertilized with prayer and wisdom.
  5. Wear the cloak of quiet humility. Again, the dragons are stealthy deceivers that corrupt souls with words. There’s a story about a snake (serpent) and a garden deceiving a man and a woman at the beginning of world history. Its an old story, same tricks. Genuine humility wins every time over deceptive doubt. Humility, worn as a cloak undermines the dragons intentions, for they know not how to be humble. It’s against their nature. Humility draws wounded souls because it is not threatening.
  6. Use precision weaponry. Love, boldness, and wisdom are heart piercing weapons. In gentleness to our children and harsh retribution to the dragon enemies. A double edged sword.
  7. Never give in. Winston Churchill, said, “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty-never give in except convictions of honor and good sense.”

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