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Defeating The Identity Dragon

There is no way to defeat the ID Dragon without understanding the origin of identity. Clearly, the origin of a thing is the pivotal point at which something begins or rises or from which it derives.

Quite clearly, in western societies, individual identity, for the most part, has been skewed terribly. The real questions are why and how? There is one answer to both of these questions. In the Torah, the first five books in the Old Testament contains the creation story. Genesis chapters one through three. Genesis 1:26 (a) “Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. ” The word image literally translated means a shadow which is the outline or representation of the original. Humans are created in the image of God.

So the abbreviated but essential version of human creation is that all human being’s individual images are a shadow, an outline, a representation of the original design by God. God is so wonderfully beautiful and magnificent in love that all of the human creation is shadowed outlines of His image. In each of us, He has placed identity in the form of His likeness. Most importantly, His design in human is primarily to have a relationship with Him first and then others. Love in the purest form.


Then came the fall. Through disobedience, choosing death over life, ultimately doubting God’s warning of the consequences of decisions made outside His words and directions. And most certainly, all relationships were diversely wounded from the start. Sin enters the world and all man kind through Adam and Eve’s choices of selfish disobedience. Repercussion shock waves tsunamied throughout all of creation and in every gerneration. The shadowed outline representation of the original was interrupted, disrupted, corrupted and devastated causing us each to go our own way of choosing willfully to doubt God. Yet, He continued to love sending His only Son to be the punishment for man’s sinful disobedience. Now, disobedience, doubt and distrust destroyed mankind’s relationships and ability to love.

If any person is not connected to Christ by redemption, their identity will be cracked, flawed, broken, defective, and ever searching for fullness. That’s where the downward spiral starts. God redeemed us from the fall and is the only healer and restorer of human identity, relationships and futures.

So, now to the defeat of the ID Dragon. There is an order in the Kingdom of God. Simply stated, Papa, you’re the direct presentation of God to your children. You and your wife are the principal developers of the shadow of God Himself that resides in your kids. If we don’t foster, shape, and give Godly input into their lives creating an environment and atmosphere for them to become vessels full of God and His love.

7 Things Dragon Slayers Do to ID Dragons

  1. Study the fathering example of the Creator. There is no better fatherly example than the God of Heaven. This pattern existed without beginning before creation was even planned. Aside from being the Creator, He was and is the Father of all of humanity. Every one of His acts has always been those of a Father. That is who He is, love, and that is how He operates, love, His love, purest of all. As fathers, we must act and function in love with the wisdom of God the Father. He is love.
  2. Walk in their shoes. We were teens. Remember? No comparison. Know your kids and the world in which they live each day. They live in a world outside the one we exist in. You will become a slayer of dragons. Love them, be patient, kind and humble. But fierce, vicious and deadly with the dragons.
  3. Love your child by investing in them. Placing those things that are of high value and worth to us Papas and putting those things into play in the lives of our children and their futures. So let’s break it down. Money and stuff are not investing. It’s love, provisional care, and foresight. Participation, presence, and availability, being in the moment. Knowing God as Father exceeds this life and echoes throughout all eternity.
  4. Upload God’s wisdom to their souls. Knowing God personally and experimentally is about us. We’re responsible for doing so. Godly wisdom defeats dragons and irradicates their spell on on kids. When we have God’s wisdom, knowledge, discernment, understanding, insight, and discretion, we set and correct courses of our lives and the lives of our children, grandchildren’s and beyond. Know God, upload His wisdom. It’s readily available to all who simply ask for it from Him.
  5. Unveil future. Papas have many duties and responsibilities. We should give our very best effort to observing what our kids bend toward. What do they enjoy? What do they like to do? What’s emerging in and through the lives that would empower them to make their ultimate contribution in this life? What are they created to be and to do?
  6. Direct their destiny. Directing is the opposite of control. We are not fathers who control the futures of their children. We are, however, the ones leading their paths using two elements, God’s wisdom, and His understanding. A great deal rides on our direction, pointing the way to the future God has designed for them. Our children need our help in understanding that today’s decisions create pathways for the future. Direct don’t control.
  7. Secure by mapping. Mapping is a joint family venture. Dad and mom, together with the child make a well-suited team for mapping out the future. Maps are for guiding in a particular direction showing established routes. Most routes have conditions that may not be displayed on the map. Adjustments and recalibrations have to be made to reach the final destination. Sometimes that includes detours. That’s a part of the mapping.

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