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The Tech Mesmerization Dragon

Technological Mesmerization.  Camouflaged as the knowledge source, educational tool, in-hand convenience and communication connection (all, right if utilized correctly with moderation and proper accountability). But due to broken human nature, impulsive, addictive, and desensitized to personal human interaction and relationship. Human relationships are now replaced with social media popularity with one’s own worth being determined by likes, friend requests, and followers. Distilled down, disconnect and leading to false identity markers.

“Extreme use of technology can disrupt normal patterns of mood and socialization in teens.” Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Technology is here and is going to be a part of our lives as long as we live. It is a requirement for each of us to function in society. It is a fact of life to survive in a society in this modern world. The battle then is severe over-reliance including addiction to certain facets. Scientific research has proved tech fulfills the natural “human needs of stimulation, interaction, and environmental change”.

“Studies have shown that brain scans of young people with the internet addiction disorder (IAD) are similar to those of people with substance addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis.4
Damage to brain systems connecting emotional processing, attention, and decision-making are affected in both substance addicts and technology addicts. This discovery shows that being hooked on a tech behavior can, in some ways, be as physically damaging as an addiction to alcohol and other drug use.” Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.

Hearts of all children are filled with wonder, imagination, and creativity. Appropriately used can guide the children to the best and most abundant of places exceeding the wildest of dreams and desires. Twisted, distorted and polluted will create pathways that no father would ever choose for their precious treasures. Here’s the point. We are the Vanguard at this dangerous and spiteful pit. We must position ourselves in the forefront here, warning with a loud, sturdy, firm, but loving decree that they will not enter there, they will not pass. For in this pit wonder, imagination and creativity will be taken, prisoner. Destructive ideas will be discovered, and new developments will occur detouring far, far, away from the path your desire for your children.

Here in lies the secret weapon of the Tech Mez Dragon. FOMO is the pit of wondering what might be, the imagination of things unknown, wished for, presumed or otherwise and creativity of desires and dreams that lead only deeper into confusing enslaved filters permitting the worst of worsts.

Bottom line. We will live with technology for the rest of all our lives. We must master the tool for good in, our lives and our ultimate contributions. We must steward well this gift of technology setting the example of good use, beneficial return and personal enrichment for our wives and children. It starts with me. And it starts with you. Vanguards, Papas,  are the point of the spear in the attack against thi enemy.    #wechrushit

7 Ways to Defeat the Tech Mez Dragon

1. Evaluate yourself-model what you want. Dig deep Papa. Private view pages? Secrets? Wandering and wondering, imagining things that we might desire or want like things, stuff, money, property, porn? No shame. No finger-pointing. Just real. We control the gateways of our own souls, only as equally to our homes and family. What we allow in our lives will be allowed in our homes.
2. You pay-you control. Papas, we are responsible for all that comes into our house. Lots of conversations with dads about what to do and how to do it. East Coast to West Coast, we all deal with this one. Number one on the list of stress points is intimidation. Cloaked in the “what-ifs” or the “I don’t want to offend my kids.” Papa, (LOL) you already offend your kids anyway! So make it worth their while. Fear is intimidation, a creature of evil sorts wrapped in the dirty rags of what-ifs and crowned with don’t offend. You’re the man, the Warrior King. #wecrushit
3. Just a few. The Tech Mez Dragon is the gateway to the evils and destructive doorways destroying souls and futures. Sexual immorality-porn, sexting, pedophile stalkers, video sex, homosexuality, transgender, bisexuality, sex trafficking, all available perversions-don’t try to imagine…….Cyber Bullying-many kids are bullied in person. More severe is cyberbullying. Character assignation crushes identities and self-worth. Precious spirits are crushed, hearts are broken, and minds are crippled for the local community and the world to see. Gaming-the average gamer spends 6-8 hours a school day online. Is it any wonder why reality is skewed and contoured in the minds of our children? Pads, phones, lap tops, desk tops……Many, many more trap variations.
4. Control exposure and availability. Feel the freedom to control. This is one area that we have to have an eye on. Times online, curfews, automatic suspended service, whether at home or on whatever medium must be monitored. It’s a fact of life. Habits established in youth tend to carry over into adulthood, therefore, into the next generation. Remember that we are buying legacy.
5. Accountability. You and your wife can’t do it alone. Use Tech to beat Tech. The market has several stellar apps that help monitor and control time, criteria, content and permits moderation by the app purchaser. It is money well invested in all your family, inclduning us.
6. Reality-be aware. One of my assignments in the public school system was Computer Lab Teacher. Although there were firewalls to control site choice and content students still found a way to play games and look at porn during school hours. Kids by nature push boundaries, test the lines of demarcation and search the limits. Welcome to fatherhood. Stand yur ground. They have no idea what they are getting into.
7. Pray for God’s protection. Praying to the God of Heaven requesting His help is the best and most effective weapon we have Papas. Use it. Just talk to God, describe your concerns and then listen, obey, watch and pray more. He is a Father that is always faithful.

#wekilldragons #wecrushit


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