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Defeating The Dragon of Sexual Immorality

Sexual Immorality. Our children are growing up, in a culture that seeks to entrap and deceive by brainwashing them into believing that sexual promiscuity and impurity is the norm, whatever norm happens to be these days. From kindergarten through college our kids are inundated with sexual perversion, deception, entrapment, imprisonment and even sexual slavery. This Dragon is one of the greatest of all destroyers of identity. Because purity and innocence are stolen and then is perverted. Purity and innocence form the lens through which all life is perceived and interpreted. It’s a consolidated attack on a child’s nature. Once a little one’s nature is polluted, perversion slips in like a serpent, establishing strongholds in the shadows of their souls.

Purity and innocence are the filters identity, value system and character formation happen. This determines who and what they will do with the balance of their lives. The combined function of these elements creates the emotional, mental and spiritual development of children. So, this Dragon of sexual immorality is a vicious evil that takes from unsuspecting victims far more than our kids understand and have the time and the ability to pay the toll for. For this toll will be demanded for the rest of their lives, day after day, relationship after relationship. The destroyer of purity and innocence affects all their lives for the balance of their days and every link in them.

That’s sad sounding epitaph isn’t it Papa? No need for worry. There is a conquering Hero that has won the all battles and the war against all Dragons, once, and for all time. He is the Dragon Slayer of dragon slayers. Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of the God of Heaven. He is the ultimate Victor of every dragon since the serpent in the garden. When I have been unable, weary, or outwitted by dragons He has always come to my rescue. He’s made me a victor when I failed to be the victor.

How can a child be immoral? They can’t unless their innocence and purity have been stolen and then their nature is perverted and corrupted. The culture of perversion has one thing in mind, to steal our children before they understand the knowledge of good and evil and have a clarity of good and evil, life and death and the stark differences between life and death before their ability to understand clearly with proper comprehension. The vehicle culture uses to infect children with immorality are peer groups, media in all forms, educational systems (referencing diverse belief systems shrouded in education), and evil, wicked people with the intent of perversion of and death to kids.

Clean Hands And a Pure Heart

Papas, you cannot have a warrior’s recognition of danger if entrapped by this beast. Neither can you defeat the monster! We have all in some way or another have been challenged, encumbered, captured or possibly imprisoned by sexual immorality in some form or the other. Don’t feel judged, condemned, hopeless, or worthless. The mark of a great man is not how many times he stumbles or falls, but how many time he gets up, dusts himself off and moves forward. With each day and every stumble or fall, we warrior kings get better at our craft of fatherhood. That’s what we are fathers, warrior kings with scars. We are victorious.

5 Stratigies To Defeat Sexual Immorality Dragon

1. Be the strong tower of safety. As warrior king of your family and home, protector and defender remain one of the primary charges we bear. Safe towers are to be impenetrable but not impassable. The passageway to enter is heavily guarded and requires specific criteria be met for entrance. It’s not prison either. Merely a safe place for rest, replenishment, and reassurance of love, guidance, and training for the future.
2. Build the Walls of Defense. The offense is the best defense if you’re a well trained, experienced warrior. Teaching our children to defend themselves is first in these sorts of battles. Initially, what do they need to know and what must they protect? Identity. When our children understand that they are created for greatness, other than being prisoners of culture poison, dragons, and evil people, they will know that they are beautiful and wonderful and are purposely designed. Teach your children who they are and what they were created to become.
3. Continuously reinforce identity’s power. As fathers, we always have to find ways to enhance and strengthen our children ’s identities. Through and by love, wisdom, insight, and understanding we help them understand who they are and why they were created. In today’s culture, there are many variations of attacks on the identity of children. Specially designed to deceive, distort, confuse and steal futures. Reinforcement clarifies and strengthens their ability to live for the purpose of their design.
4. Illuminate pathways of protection. Not talking about condoms or the pill. Pitfalls are a part of every journey. So it is with our kid’s. Our children need stability in their young lives from entrapments, detours, and pitfalls. Godly wisdom is our weapon here. With His knowledge, insight, and direction we can lead our children safely in life’s journey. God’s vision and design for our kids are beyond our sight and understanding, so without Him, our work is in vain. Our children are worthy of our very best. Let’s teach them well.
5. Rain hell fire hurt on the Sexual immorality Dragon. Understanding what the culture intends for evil by taking captive, enslaving and making prisoners of our children. We must have an awareness and understanding of the culture of our kids’ experience. There are cultural strategies intentionally designed for the corruption of our children. Our children’s natures are the target of stealing purity and innocence. It all happens by and through the introduction to corruption before their time. The introduction to the knowledge of good and evil before they understand there’s life, abundant, full and free. Knowledge is power. Teach well, precise and accurate. The idea here is God-of-Heaven wisdom, knowledge and discernment. Freely given.


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