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Fearless, Ferocious, Weary

Being a dad is the most exciting, challenging, disappointing, frustrating and rewarding job a man could ever do. For most of us, that privilege is what we really live and breathe for. In striving to be the best we can move from amateur to pro. That’s the goal.

In all that, even the bravest and most courageous dads know that we just get weary. Responsibilities of husband, father, provider, and protector (prophet, priest, king) require. Great dads have a spirit about them. That spirit is one of never quitting until the job is completed. Most dads feel a little guilt because that didn’t meet expectations of themselves or their family. We usually self-impose guilt and pressure to fulfill real or imagined expectations. Mental pressure and physical pressure causes a significant drain on a man’s body.

Even the greatest of dads get tired. For most of us though, we thrive on being “dad tired.” It’s is the very best kind of tired. When a dad invests his life in his family as the most prized possession, then he most certainly will be exhausted.

Tired is healthy, weary is not.

When Tired Turns Weary

Running the battery down is healthy in more ways than one. A proper recharge keeps the battery robust, functional and useful.

When improper recharge occurs, and tiredness turns to weariness then problems begin to surface increasing minor to very major. Minor like disrupting family to creating havoc like making really bad decisions. Weariness is one of the breeding grounds that we dads battle that include pitfalls, distractions, and snares. None of these things have to be true. All men have onboard alarms that warn against system failure.

Listening To Your Warning Signs

Each man is wired differently than the other. Tolerances may be different yet we still all have warning systems, gauges to fly by, rhythms of recharge and replenishment. Continuing to “dad life” without refreshing will take us to the place of eventually destroying our system. ‘Danger, Will Rogers.’

What are your signs of being tired? What are your indicators of being weary? How do you recharge and replenish? Are you aware of your personal tolerances? Who holds you accountable to your core values?

What Weariness Does Men

Simple is easily remembered. Straight away. Weariness will drain our souls (mind, heart, emotions, intellect) to the degree that system failure initiates. Natural guards drop causing mental errors. Simple tasks become difficult. Voids usually satisfied by recharge and replenishment seek other things that when rested, would not be found. Core value boundaries are blurred or ignored. Moral missteps are considered, entertained or violated. And for some of us, depression or high-risk behavior becomes exciting. ‘Danger, Will Rogers.’

5 Ways To Recognize Weariness

1. Finding yourself exhausted often. On occasion, we can push beyond our personal limits to exhaustion. Being tired is the reset signal to replenish and recharge. Weariness leads to exhaustion. Living exhausted steals hope and joy taking the best of who we are living day by day with an empty tank. Emotions raw, numb to the bone. Stop bruh.
2. Inordinate amounts of rest to acquire recharge. Once rest is lost, it can never be regained. Each day brings its own challenges that will require adequate replenishment and recharge.
3. Crashing instead of resting. Push, push, push till we crash may be what many of us practice. Crashing is not resting. Regular rhythms of replenishment and recharge must be second nature when living the dad life.
4. “Dad life” joy is lost. There is a particular joy in being a dad. It motivates and replenishes simultaneously. When the joy of being a father is lost, we begin to unravel at the core of our being.
5. Your family asks “What’s wrong”? There are always times when we may not be all together ourselves. It’s not a way of life. In fact, the quicker we get a handle on replenishment and recharge the better we can be a full-on dad when we need to, and that’s probably all the time. There has to be a reserve tank strictly for getting us to the place of rest.

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  • I heard a speaker this week say that his dad told him “Jump high son, we are your safety net”. He said this to a young adult who was dropping out of college and taking his real estate inheritance and cashing it end to take a risk. He dad no doubt had a recharged battery!! When we don’t hear the father say I got this, jump high I will catch you and live with that trust in him, we find ourselves weary. Being a dad before an audience of 1 really recharged my battery. That mind set that my Heavenly Father is pleased. For different reasons pleasing my earthly father is not high in my list, he is pleased in me but his standards are not high and his morals out of whack, pleasing my Heavenly Father and hearing his voice encourage me is refreshing.

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