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When Storms Come

In a handful of hours, the affects of Hurricane Florence (pictured above) will come, uninvited, into my city. Many warnings were issued about her coming, what she would bring with her, and what she would leave behind after her visit. Yet, nothing will be known until she has passed and her remnants remain.

Storms interrupt our lives. Most storms come with some sort of indicator with only a few being a surprise that creeps up and creates unforeseen problems. In either case, we must weather storms, tossed and turned, and all that can be shaken will be shaken. Knowing then full well what we must do, and how we must proceed.

In spite of the ominous power of a storm, beauty exists. Although storms brings disaster and destruction, and sometimes death, life eventually emerges. Through it all, we rise, live on and live well, better again for another storm.

“Though we may bow low where no space exist beneath us, or we burrow in to our dwelling’s most storm-worthy, sturdy compartment, we emerge victors. To repair and build, to hope and heal, to begin again, we grow.”

10 Things Florence Reminded Me About Storms

  1. Fear, anxiousness, doubt and worry must not abide. 
  2. Storms bring hurt, leave damage, and then life.
  3. There is a beginning and an end to storms.
  4. Wisdom never fails to win.
  5. Readiness is revealed. 
  6. Character is tested.
  7. Ask how not why.  
  8. Navigate not control. 
  9. Captains fail not. 
  10. God’s in charge, not in control. 

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  • Romans 5:4
    Perseverance builds character and character produces hope. At the end of the storm their is hope for another day, another chance. During the storm our faith is tested but we have Hope. We know we serve a Big God in a little world. In the storm we build our faith by recalling our lion and our bear, don’t forget HUGO or Matthew or what storm that has hit you. We don’t have to live in despair with no hope, for we know our future. Eternal future, the best day on earth will not hold to one day in the Kingdom. We can’t let storms take our eyes from the father

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