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Mining Out The Good Father In You

By nature, good fathers have “dad” obligations. Ones that are honorable and noble. Commitments that good fathers live for. Fruit-bearing, life-determining, history-making, obligations. Really, these are privileges, that only dads reap the benefits. Perhaps you doubt yourself being a good father?

Good fathers stumble and fall, and they recover, dust themselves off and continue. They love deeply, work hard, use their time, talent and treasures wisely, and they look to the future reading themselves for life’s seasons. They also are intentional about growing deeper and broader in fatherhood and family.

The demands of being a good father have mandatory prerequisites. We, good fathers, are prophets, priests, and kings. (fatherseekers.com/fearless-ferocious-wearyThat is, we are the guides, we are truth speakers, and we shepherd with wisdom, guiding, reveling and protecting. The charge that comes with leading a family makes us miners.

Mining is hard and dangerous work. The yield is profitable though. Most great treasure is buried deep. Once below the surface, surprises await each of us. Different for each man. Most certainly, unplanned work and resources are required to resolve them. Here’s the question that we each must answer, ‘will we invest time, treasure and effort to resolve and move forward to the greater prize that awaits us all?’  That’s the life-changer decision.

Every surprise under the surface yields a treasure. These jewels are revelations of who we really are in the core of ourselves. There are no shortcuts for subterranean jewels in the rough in a man’s life. Correctly addressed well-engineered resolutions prevent cave-ins. Those things slow the growing process in each of our lives. Crucial stuff here boys. Who we are as men transfer to our families. We impart our weaknesses and strengths from our father’s effect on us.

Some of the treasures we find underneath our surface are beautiful surprises. Things that perhaps we were unaware of or need another more experienced miner to help us identify, evaluate and figure how best to invest this new treasure. These are there too. They are the biggest and most beautiful life-changers for us as well.

There is greatness in you my friend. Never doubt that. You must mine. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Every man was created to have a man-tribe, a brotherhood that we each do life with together. Brothers walk together, live, love and cry together and without doubt, battle together when every need arises. #neveralone  #togetherforward

Find The Greatness Within 

  1. Don’t mine alone. There is always safety in numbers. Mining reveals what’s under the surface of our lives. There is still danger underneath the surface of our lives. The protection of accountability protects each of us from cave-ins. You were created for greatness. Greatness requires a man-tribe, a brotherhood to prevail.
  2. Greatness is under the rough. Newly discovered treasures no matter how beautiful always need refining. The most significant value of a gem will still be best seen once a jewel is appropriately clean and polished. Once we find in us the beautiful things, refining is required. Don’t withhold what you’ve mined from your life and soul. Treasures, talents, gifts, and abilities that are in the rough.
  3. Address the 4-I’s. Insecurity, inferiority, intimidation, inadequacy will be unearthed in your mining process. Each alone infects and corrupts a good man’s future lessening his legacy. Altogether, a toxic mix for fatherless fathers.  *insecurity – fearing loss of what you may or may not possess *inferiority – feeling lower in status or quality than another; the comparison game *intimidation – the feeling of being frightened or overawed by another for the purpose of control *inadequacy – quality or quantity required; insufficient for the use.
  4. Stop it, now! The 4-I’s have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Not only have I been crippled by them, but they each also crippled my future and destiny in some form or another. There are two things that I have learned in my battle and defeat of each. a) Within myself, there is no power to defeat them. My final turn was to Jesus Christ for victory. Through and by Him, I overcome each day. b) The issue is personal identity. A man’s identity is based on who he is, where and who he comes from and how he has lived out who he understands and believes that he is. A new identity was required for me, it’s in Jesus Christ alone.
  5. Dig deep. Going deeper and exploring who we are under the surface of our lives.  Explore, learn and become the man you are designed to be. This is what you are created for, and this is where your legacy begins.

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#neveralone #togetherforward



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