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Helping Your Kids See The Horizon part (b)

One of the most amazing miracles in the universe is when a child is born. Wellsprings of emotions of every sort come bursting forth. Indescribable. Joy and weeping. Overwhelmed and energized. Shakey knees bumping against each other at light speed while our minds look to the future. Guessing and wondering whether or not we can fit the shoes required to lead this incredible human into the rest of their lives. Teaching the new little person the ways of life, love and legacy all wrapped in “Super Man” fortress arms against your chest?

Before we are able to get ourselves steadied from the birth moment, we are looking into the eyes of a young adult. How did time accelerate past us so very quickly, without warning?

Everyone has an answer or a game plan. Collecting the winning combination equals the ability to drive your vehicle through the eye of a sewing needle.  Looking back, two elements are sure and true.  Horizons and the Creator of every one. The Maker of a thing knows well the intricacies of the thing made. For me, Jesus Christ created the horizon, the ones in nature from beginning to end of history. And he is the One who designs each horizon, of all the days of my life.  So, He’s the two in one for me.

Horizons that our children see are the ones we lead them to. They are the ones we show them the beauty of, showing them the way, teaching navigational skills to travel well.  In their unique, very sophisticated design, hunger exists. It is “father hunger” requiring of you, father, your leadership, love, and experienced guidance. With narrow margins.

Horizon Elements of Your Children

  • Foreground. The front piece of the picture. It is the first signpost they see. Right now. It’s the initiation to each season or stage they must pass through early on. Where the nuts and bolts of starting out as a member of your tribe. Legacy seeds are sown here. First margins are established, individual disciplines are established, learned and reinforced. Our children learn what the track is and how to stay on it.
  • Midground. Between the signpost in front of them and the mountains in the distance. It’s Tomorrow. Just beyond today. Right now is foundational for tomorrow. What fathers do right now, today enhances tomorrow. Core beliefs, spirituality, concepts and character are formed early making a foundation for maturity, strength, wisdom, and understanding. Where to go in life, why to go there and how to do so.
  • Background. Immediate future. These are the mountains. The Divide between immediate future and distant future.  Mountains always tend to present dangerous, steep faces to climb, valleys to travel, and pastures to replenish. Each requiring fatherly guidance and wisdom, insight, understanding and experience. This is the place where dad’s leadership is tested, and your son or daughter proves how well they were instructed and trained. It’s where fathers see their children’s learning and execution of what was taught them.
  • Beyond the mountains. Distant future. The peak of the mountain is what every mountain climber seeks. It is where the distant future can be seen by you and your children. Peaks are launching points. Where your children look back to their beginning, look at you moving forward to the unknown with a map that is well designed reproducing what and who you led them into becoming, carrying your legacy forward, repeating in their children what you groomed yours to be.


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