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succeed – achieve the desired aim or result

Men have different drives in their lives. One of the most powerful is to succeed. Fatherless or not, we are creatures driven to succeed. It’s not just a right of passage but a way of life.  So much so, that succeeding becomes a part of our fabric as a person that underpins all pieces of our lives.

The drive to succeed is a double-edged sword. Powerfully effective requiring regular balancing and calibration. Otherwise, we over swing the sword and miss the intended target or under-swing accomplishing the same. Striking our target accurately comes with practice and experience. Missing the mark is inevitable, forgive yourself becoming better at your craft of being a man. That’s where character comes from, missing. Of course, it will happen.

The responsibilities of men vary from the mundane to singularly monumental markers that stall us out or projects further toward our planned result. Simple plans to life plans for ourselves, families

There are two types of men. We have plans or we don’t.

  • How do you plan? 
  • What are your plans? 
  • How will you engineer them? 
  • How will you navigate them? 

Wisdom steps.

The Man With No Plan

  1. Assess where you are at the present time.
  2. Pick three points into the future; immediate, short term, long term. 
  3. Make two lists; one for you and one for your family.
  4. Make the plan, work the plan.

The Man With The Plan

  1. Analyze where you are and refresh your plans.
  2. Recalibrate, reconfigure if necessary adjusting as needed.
  3. Review the game plan re-educating where necessary.
  4. Journey, well brother, making your mark leaving your legacy.


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