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thinking – the process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something

Thinking is a discipline and a fine art altogether. Too many of us have learned to think quickly or “on our feet.” More of the decisions than not, that men must make need processing. Assessing, analyzing, distilling, and clarifying. Thinking is the roadway to the best ideas that need forming for the creation of pathways to the future.

The Hebrews (Biblical Literature) understood the mind, will, emotions, and intellect makes up the place where our thoughts are formed and merge from. They considered this the heart the place where God dwells. No doubt, to think about a thing can be complicated for a man. Lots of pieces and elements, thousands to be exact, flow through a fellows heart each day. That is the place where contemplations happen.

Think. When was the last time that you created space in your life and schedule to forecast where you wanted to be in the next one, three, five and ten years with the goals that you have set for yourself?  The mind of a man can create some pretty fantastic concepts for their future and families. The biggest question to consider is what value you would place on the quality and time invested in your thinking? 

Wisdom steps.

  1. Make “think time” for yourself daily and weekly.
  2. Journal, scribble, capture your ideas and concepts.
  3. Keep a digital journal for busy times.
  4. Use your core values for “speedy thinking.”
  5. Integrate Biblical wisdom for “at once thinking.”
  6. Seek out wisdom from wiser, experienced men to clarify and confirm.
  7. Ask God for wisdom.

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