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decide – come to a resolution in mind as a result of consideration

Decision making at best brings freedom and empowerment keeping forward-moving momentum. At worst, an enigma that creates a static containment field of frustrating, annoying tension causing angst to flourish. Indecision flusters a guys confidence.

Decisions present themselves various directions, quantities, types, and weight, ranging in difficulty and magnitude. Most experienced fathers would say there are no simple decisions when gaging the future impact of one. As a man and a father, they pave future pathways for both us and our family’s future and destinies, regardless of the quality of the decision.

Fronting up on each father is the challenge of becoming a professional decision maker.

Every Pro has been a Rookie first. Rookie dues Dad. Making decisions for ourselves is one thing costing only ourselves. But when we include a family and their lives, it becomes more costly than ever. Be a wise Rookie and listen to your Coach and other great Pros.

Pro Decision Making 

  1. Don’t over-analyze. Over analyzation what’s before can create unnecessary static tension in our minds and hearts.  Not needed when we face the big ones. Clear heads always prevail.
  2. Have a game plan. Know the pathway for accomplishing the win that’ s before you.  What’s the immediate challenge ahead? What resources are going to be required to fill out my plan? Is the strategy well thought out? How am I going to implement the elements of the plan for the best result possible?
  3. Seamless as possible. Rare are the decisions that go off seamless. That’s the goal though. Connect the pieces well with both good communication and clarity on expectation.
  4. Decisions make up who we are becoming. Whether good, bad, or indifferent, what and how we decide directly effects our character, influence, and success in our lives and the lives of family and friends.
  5. Own it. Celebrate the wins. In decision making, the celebration is most important. It encourages you and all those who are affected by it. And when the bad ones come, embrace and learn. Bad decisions require of us a review, recalibration, and course correction. Both make all the difference. P.S. Bad decisions decrease over time.




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