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Making Room

Advent Week 2 

During the Christmas Season, one of the most popular family traditions for many is to decorate the spaces where they live to celebrate the season.  Lights, ornaments, trees, wreaths, and all sorts of displays that point to Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Savior, and King.  

So what does a man decorate a decluttered empty heart with? How does he replenish empty spaces with the proper, meaningful elements for the season’s celebration and his life’s balance?  

Advent’s purpose is the preparation for the coming of Christ Jesus. First, coming as a baby to live as a man, then die for us as Savior. Second, He comes into our lives to live in us and through us. And last, He will come as Judge and King.

Refill With The Right Stuff

  • hope – is the knowing without a doubt that who we place our trust in is sure and true – Jesus Christ is our hope 
  • peace –  to be complete or to be sound conveying both a dynamic and a static meaning; to be complete or whole or to live well – Jesus Christ is our peace 
  • joy – it is not happiness, but an emotion that generates from the relationship we have with the Lord – Jesus Christ is our joy 
  • love – the love of God dwells in His children because of their relationship with Christ – Jesus Christ is love 

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