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2019 New Year

Well, its on!!

So, what have you promised yourself or someone else that you will or won’t do in the New Year? Resolutions? New habits for initiating needed change?

Simplify fathers. Stop creating more pressures for yourselves and your families. Join me in a different approach to creative and redemptive change. Not just for you, but your wife and children as well. We change for us. We change for them.

Let’s Do The “No More” Together

  • resolutions make recalibrations
  • regrets record lessons learned
  • planning from the past plan towards the future
  • carrying over baggage start with empty backpacks (you and others)
  • record keeping carry over all new fresh starts (you and others)
  • unbelief believe God is for you and dreams big about you

FatherSeeker, God’s richest and best blessings, more than you can imagine, ask for or comprehend to you and your family in this New Year.

Barry – FatherSeekers

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