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Be Your Best

Sidrit Skender Vaqari. He is a wood carver. Born in Tirana,  Albania in 1982,  Sidrit studied sculpture at the fine arts academy there.  He has sculpted wood for 18 years. An artisan if ever there was one. Using briarwood, he creates incredibly accurate and precisely mirrored images of movie characters and other famous people that we all would easily recognize. He loves his art or pipemaking. He is an artisan. Sidrit spends 250 hours shaping a piece of briarwood into a masterful work of art.

Reading about leadership is one of my favorite things. But I love talking with leaders concerning their acquisition of leader-skills. So acquiring real-father-life leader-skills should be a top priority for fatherless dads. Why? We have absence and void of reference points: the roadmap and markers for knowing, doing, leading and living well as a good father.

“You don’t know what’s you don’t know.”

True it is. We each learn from experience, teaching, coaching and “watching” or mentored. Being mentored is much the same as being an “apprentice to a master artisan.”  “Watch me and learn.” “I show you, my hand leading yours.” “You do what I’ve taught you, and I watch you.”

Fatherless-fathers didn’t have that opportunity and privilege in the very formative years as a boy, young man, and then a father. Practice over time makes us stable and sure. So now, we play catch up. Mistakes along the way learn, experiencing and watching as we move through the fathering journey. Never give up. Keep learning.

Be Your Best

  1. Be honest by being with yourself about yourself. If we are not honest with ourselves, we deceive ourselves. Creating a false identity that requires us to live into a person we are not.
  2. Embrace the truth. If we never embrace the truth about ourselves, we will never become the champion God designed and created us to grow. We will never reach our most significant and best potential until we live into our skin, our identity.
  3. Pretenders never enjoy their victories. Living into our own identity allows us the opportunity for winning and enjoying our accomplishments. Copying another person’s life has no worth for anyone. Lean into God’s design for you.
  4. Learn from failure. We will make mistakes. Grow from your experiences good or not. John Maxwell says to “fail forward.”
  5. Find and recruit a mentor. One of the greatest things we can do as fatherless fathers are to seek out wise men who are trustworthy and faithful. Here’s a key, they will be men of faith.
  6. Make learning a daily discipline. Gain helpful knowledge for the areas you need to grow into.

For more about Sidrit Skender Vaqari check here.

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