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Decision Hesitation

Most decisions fathers make are big ones — a minimal margin of error. They carry the weight that affects other people. And most of all, your decision-making capital with family, friends, and colleagues. There is a secret that we father have to embrace. Experience breeds knowledge, knowledge wisdom, and consistent wisdom wins. Give yourself permission to fail. It will happen, so learn from it.

What causes hesitation when deciding?

Kathy Caprino is a Senior Contributor for Forbes. She shares “The Top Five Reasons Your Decisions Fail You” 

1)  Don’t support your intrinsic values  Lesson: Without exception, align your decisions with your values — honor what you hold dear, what you know to be true, and your highest standards of integrity.

2)  Are communicated poorly or without proper reflection LessonA decision is only as good or positive as the way in which it’s shared and communicated.

3)  Come from a place of weakness and disempowerment Lesson: If you run away from something (which is a decision, whether you know it or not) or when you choose to act from a sense of fear, powerlessness, or victimization, you’ll find that the decision you’ve made won’t resolve the problem — the same challenges will reappear in your next situation.

4)  Haven’t been properly vetted – they don’t factor in well enough the potential impact and outcomes  Lesson: Develop sufficient boundaries so that you’re not being overly reactive, emotional or analytical in your decision making.  Use an integrative style that incorporates as much feedback and data possible, and allows you to brainstorm all possible solutions, and vet them in an effective, integrative way.

5)  Are focused on the wrong problemLesson: When you know you have to make a change, make sure you identify the deepest root of the problem, and address that.  Get help to do that if need it.  Don’t take the easy way out of the decision-making process by bypassing the most critical issues and problems you need to resolve.

Decisions are fundamental tools that help you face life’s challenges, uncertainties and opportunities.   And the quality and efficacy of your decisions will determine how successful, fulfilled and productive you’ll be.  Take the time now to explore and improve your decision-making process so you that can make better decisions that honor who you are and what you really want.


  • base your decisions on your values
  • communicate well with proper reflection
  • decide from a position of strength and empowerment
  • well vetted, well reflected
  • identify the correct problem

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