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Core Values

 My friend is an Army Black Hawk pilot. We have been close friends for almost twenty years. He has deposited more wisdom into my life than I can recount. At our first meeting, he was Captain. Now, a Colonel. No weak man at all. He is a warrior of warriors, a man’s man.

One of the wisdom pieces I learned from him was “azimuth check.” A civilian’s definition is as follows, overly simplified: azimuth check is the process of confirming that you remain on course throughout the journey. 

This is a more clarifying explanation from my friend, pilot, Colonel, and hero.

“The azimuth check is the process of confirming that you remain on course throughout the journey. Nothing worse than believing you are on course, but as a result of failing to check your azimuth you never reach your intended destination. It’s amazing that only a few degrees off over a long journey can significantly change where you end up. I think too often we azimuth check looking back. Looking back is important, but the azimuth check is really about where you are going. Not where you have been.”

“Azimuth check” to FatherSeekers is Core Values.

Here are some clarifying questions for knowing and living life through your Core Values. Real-life-fathers live for this stuff. Why? Tedious and treacherous terrain of Dadhood is made clear and the work easily understood and tasked. Clarity for decision making becomes the norm instead of the frustration and stress of not knowing. And then, we add value to our lives and to every life we touch. How? We walk with confidence, affirmed and sure. That is what our families need. That is what other FatherSeekers need to see lived out. Fatherseekers need reference points.

Core Value Clarifiers

  1. Do you have Core Values you live by each day? (yes or no) I will talk about yes later. So, no you don’t. Probably nobody has ever challenged you in this area. Moving forward let’s get you started. Move to 3. in the list. Youre officially challenged.
  2. If so, what are they? Keeping track is best. Journaling captures your thoughts, failures, shortfalls, and most certainly, successes. All so very important because they lead you to transformation. Transformation through forwarding, upward growth. Whatever your charting system, do it. Stay balanced, focused on checking your horizons as you go.
  3. If not – Here is how you start. Starting is not as difficult as some would tell you. – Determine to journal // – the first blink, that is what first comes to mind // – write it down then think about your first blink, process, fine tune, rephrase it to the best of your skill, experience, and knowledge (it’s about a starting point – just start somewhere) // don’t try to be perfect out of the gate because you cant. Its alright friend, it’s alright. Go forward.
  4. If so – do you recalibrate regularly? Calibration is an essential part of revisiting what needs adjustments. Adjustments are a sign of growth, not a failure. They are a sign of affirmation that you are doing well. Allow your values to breathe and grow with your wisdom from experience.
  5. Are you mastering your CVs? As your Core Values become of part of your life through daily rhythms, they then become second nature to you. As you grow into them, CVs transform your life and influence the lives of others. Crush this!

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