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Importance of Core Values

What do you believe and why do you believe it?

Everything begins somewhere, right? Lots of fatherless men struggle with just starting somewhere held up by indecision. A beginning point. Why? Because we are void of reference points to learn from and build upon. RPs are like trail markers or road signs. They point to certain times or places where fathers teach legacy, heritage, and manhood. Manhood begins in boyhood.

One of my favorite movie trilogies is the Indiana Jones set. My top pick of the trilogy is “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989). Fast forward; Indy is navigating his “Leap from the Lions Head.’ There between the great crevasse laid the resting place of the Holy Grail. The movie plot goes this way. Seeking the cup Jesus Christ drank from last with His Disciples is the ultimate treasure. So when drinking from the fountain of eternal life with the proper chalice, one would have it, eternal life, the true fountain of youth. “Choose wisely” otherwise; you will die.

“Core Values are the Holy Grail.”


As men, in the lives we lead as fatherless fathers, we have to have a holy grail, that set of guiding principles setting us apart. The filters that all of self, family, life, friends, vocation, and future is determined. We all want clarity and confidence going into the future. This tool provides the surefootedness missed in the transfer a good father would have imparted when we were boys.

There is a “Lions Head” we all must face as FatherSeekers. Here it is; committing to the creation and embracing of CVs we choose to engineer and navigate our lives. For our life-decisions based on these CVs affect the destiny of many people now and future generations that follow us. You are a patriarch leading many. So we set in order our lives so we may lead others well. Grab your fedora, lion trainer whip and throw some gravel: leap bruh, it’s your time.

This is why…

  1. Living by a code. When men live by a code, their past does not dictate the way they live their future. A fatherless guy tends to live in the static resistance of indecision because of the absence of reference points where manhood was transferred and imparted “father.”
  2. Transferring and Imparting. Who and what we are as men transfer to those we love and lead. Those who look to us absorb who we are, and in turn, they respond accordingly. Imparting love, wisdom, and strength (and so many other father things) seeds the soul of our followers that will bear future fruit. Ensure great fruit – CVs.
  3. Decisive-True-Sure. Being decisive is an art. People admire decisiveness when administered well. But there is something about a man who can do so with truth and surety.
  4. Affirmed and Assured. Fatherless men each and everyone crave affirmation. Why? Because our fathers were the ones designed by God to tell us we are loved, accepted by them and that all is well; telling us I will be with you buddy, never leaving you alone to do life on your own. That’s affirmed and assured.
  5. Confidence. It’s having a firm trust in yourself, your abilities, wisdom, and the ability to lead and communicate. This is the distinct ability

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