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Valentine's Day

“He existed in the beginning with God.” John 1:2

New English Translation, John the Apostle

A personal practice enjoyable for me is reading history. Lots to learn from reading history, researching facts, confirming what was actual, is now believed, and the arrival at the points which culture now believes and practices.

There is nothing better than romantically celebrating love. It is the most magnificent of all celebrations. Probably, for most of us, that would be true. That’s why February 14th is such a big deal for many cultures around the world. Washing it down to cleanest form, we all want true love. Celebrating it is an announcement to all the rest of the world that we possess the greatest of all gifts and it is that of love with another.

So, depending on your understanding of history concerning “Valentine’s Day” (actual, believed, practiced), you might, if you haven’t already read up on it on the 15th. Never stop pursuing love with your beauty wife.

Back to the lead quote. As I learn more about Jesus, Biblical, historical and the traditional (Judeo Christian) tradition the more He becomes love to me in the purest form. He is the central focus of love in your life for yourself, your wife and children. He is love from the beginning with no end, ever.

Jesus was with His Father, in the beginning, knowing me, you and all of humanity from then until the end of time as we know it. Now, this is love; He loved me, you, and all the people He and His Father created. That’s love. And that love is the love that must flow through you to your wife and your children. Be that love to your wife and your children.

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