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Recognizing Your Child’s Future

Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents],
Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Remember the birthday of your first child? The moment you first saw that little one as a nurse brought him or her to hold for the first time? The air full with ‘new baby smell’ baby shampoo and lotion floating upward from the warm bundle you held in your arms. And like the new baby smell filling the air joy, excitement, overwhelming love for your new baby and wife filled your heart.

Then the planning begins — only the very best for your child. Then the questions start to bubble up to surface. Then the wonder begins. Can I be a good dad? Is my house big enough? Do we possess the right stuffto he lp this child grow strong, successful helping them become the very best? With thousands of other questions flowing at light speed through your mind, you drift off to sleep with your priceless bundled treasure in your arms.

Along with all pressures recognizing what your baby is designed to be in the coming years. Fatherless dads want a better life for their children than they experienced. Wanting for them all the things, opportunities, and privileges we didn’t have so that our children will not have to walk through life shorted. What happens then?

Generally, we begin to function in this case as a new father from fear. Of what? The lack of knowledge of practice and skill set. Lack of enough. Lack of control over our kids. Here’s the truth. It happens much more often than not — the particular side effect of fatherlessness. Fear steals the peaceful leadership of our homes creating tensely unreasonable boundaries. Children tend to respond in a couple of ways.

Either rebellious or nervous kids cycling back into more fear for them and us. Fear creates an unhealthy atmosphere for you and your family. Lack creates lack. Where fear exists peace is absent. It robs peace from your mind and heart. Stealing the ability to recognize the design of your children, what God wired them to be and do with the future.

Seeing Your Child’s Future

  1. Pray for Godly wisdom and insight. A father’s insight and wisdom are limited. God’s wisdom and insight, however, is unlimited. He sees the beginning from the end. That means the future.
  2. Find Godly peace. This kind of peace comes from three disciplines. Praying, reading the Bible, space to meditate on what you read and pray.
  3. Learn to watch patiently. Study your children. Learn the way they think, process, respond to reasoning, emotions. And especially, what they are gifted, talented and have natural abilities – music, the arts, technology, dance, business, public speaking, teaching, aerospace technology, marketing, and the list goes on. Maybe they will do something different than has ever been done before.
  4. Guard your heart. Remain pure. Make sure to keep out intimidation, insecurity, inferiority, and fear. Here’s how. Pray, read scripture, meditate. Listen, obey, trust. Fill your heart with the love of Christ.
  5. Love your wife closely. Make your wife your greatest ally. Love her unconditionally, without measure, forgive and trust her counsel. Three words to make your message strong and lasting: kindness, forgiveness, and consistency.

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