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​Time to Decide – What'a You Want?​

Remember the most difficult question that you’ve ever been asked? The one that made you think hard and long. Still with a little more struggle you couldn’t answer with clarity or being sure of yourself.

What is that you really want?


That is one of the most mind rattling-soul piercing questions posed to a man. There’s a handful of why’s. Here are some observations I understand with myself and learning alongside others. Indecision, tension, and frustration create the static void that can paralyze, sometimes for years. The indecison is a “tell.”

In poker, it would be called “the tell.” Life is not a poker game. Play well, play conservative, play wise.

Tell #1

“What we want tells about our identity.” What I want or what I pursue determines my strength or my weakness. That’s the thing(s) I search after as a caveman searches for prey. Is there life-giving value to what I seek after? Is it a necessary part of your life’s mission?

Tell # 2

“What we want tells whether we are solid or hollow.” There is nothing more loud-ringing than a man’s hollow soul. By default, in the soul of man exists horrible dark shadows. Hiding there, a vacuum of sorts that draws in all the destructive passions in a guys heart. They find their oxygen there. Solid souls, on the other hand, are filled with purpose and identity. Solid soul or hollow? Truth brings to light, light dispells shadows.

Tell # 3

“What we want tells how our life will end.” Men, fatherless men, fight the battle of worth and significance until security with their true identity is fixed. If never established, the war will last a lifetime. At the end of a man’s life, the worst torment will happen. Regretting all that he was not, and unable to do, where and how he fell short in all things. Knowing oneself, and what his design to be will determine a fully abundant joy is leaving this life for the next. Choose to finish well. Engineer it now.

Tell #4

“What we want tells how much we value our family.” Have you ever inventoried the value you place on your wife and children? It’s the value of not just how much they mean to you. But, their value as a gift from God. The true mark of this valuation system is told by how well we steward our own life and theirs, as a husband, father, and shepherd of their lives, destinies and futures. Are you living for yourself? Are your living a God’s good steward of their lives, destinies, and futures?

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