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Known and Unknown

Martin Waldseemüller. Are you aware of who he was and what he accomplished in his life? You have to hear this story. #inspiration

Martin W. was a geographer and cartographer. He was born in Radolfzell, Württemberg [Germany] in 1470 and died 1518–21? His greatest accomplishment accumulated from the years of his life in 1507.

It was perhaps one of the most ambitious projects at that time in history. This project was designed and engineered in St. Dié, near Strasbourg, France at the beginning of the sixteenth century. His task was to update and document new geographical information and knowledge derived from the discoveries from later in the fifteenth century and the early sixteenth century.

Waldseemüller’s life-defining task of rendering the most extensive and most comprehensive rendering of the world map to date in the known world at that time. Imagine exciting and exhilarating all blended into one-a was the most exciting product of his research effort, and included data gathered during Amerigo Vespucci’s voyages of 1501–1502 to the New World. Waldseemüller named the new lands “America” in recognition of Vespucci ’s understanding that a new continent had been uncovered as a result of the voyages of Columbus and other explorers in the late fifteenth century. The only known surviving copy of the first printed edition of the map, which, it is believed, consisted of 1,000 copies. 

Father, you are a discoverer of a new world. You’ve determined what you want and ideas about where. Now is the time to design the map for your journey. You are planning the route that you’ll follow with your family. It’s the most fantastic-life long journey a guy could only dream about taking.

Looking into the future can be the most exciting event in a man’s life. It is very easy to fall into the trap of remaining where we are without having a sense of adventure. The big question is this: are you stalemated due to testing the vast oceans of exploratory journeys? Living life to very fullest abundance. For most of us we believe it is the fear of the unknown. It’s not, I believe, it’s the fear of having abundance, perhaps even feeling that we are undeserving of abundance.

don’t fear the unknown

Most of us have a fear of the unknown future. It is a natural reflex when looking into the future. Fear overshadows the truth every time. Hinderer of many beautiful journeys-expeditions that determine destinies. Fear is a ruthless pirate-stealer of futures. Head up, shoulders back-move forward. All pirates can be defeated.

be fearlessly bold

Boldness is a willingness to take risks of acting innovatively. It is confidence and courage, taking action for now and the future. It requires action. #bebold

explore naming your continents

Exploring leads to new adventures and places. And remember, that your crew depends on you to lead them well to new places, experiences and new places that they would never have the opportunity to land and explore. #goforit

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#explore #expeditions #captainyourcrew

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