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Hoarding's Not On Your Horizon

There are a hand full of programs who’s content has intrigued me. For example, “Hoarders”. By nature, tidiness is a struggle for me unless I go into OCD mode and am ultra tidy. So I skate between chaos and calm. That being said, I judge not the hoarder.

Hoarding disorder: is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items. Excessive accumulation of items, regardless of actual value, occurs.

(Feb 3, 2018, The Mayo Clinic)

Here’s the deal. We all hold on to things that will add no value to our future, destiny, or abundance in life. In fact, some of us fatherless guys tend to hang on to backpacks, suit cases and carry ons of physical, emotional and spiritual baggage that hinders us form setting sail into the future.

Now how is that we unload what we carry from years and experiences past. If we continue to compress and carry we will weight ourselves down and restrict our physical, emotional and spiritual selves for present and future. We’re going to need all the room we can create for now and the journey ahead with those we love and are responsible to see into the future.

So much of what our soul attaches to, packs up and stores away happens generally for a couple of reasons. Things that we have to hold on to and not knowing why. We have trouble identifying the stuff and trouble dealing with they’re final disposal.

The clarifiers. Who we are and what do we need for the journey. Understanding of true identity and necessary gear.


  • identify and discard – where are you going and what do you need to get there? understanding this piece of the puzzle helps us discard the pain, emotional hurt and spiritual fatigue. Healing belongs to God, His way. Holding on junk takes up room meant for God and His plan for us all.
  • permanent disposal – if you have ever taken trash to dispose of it leaving at the disposal sight, you would never return taking part of home again. don’t keep returning to reclaim discarded pieces of your past.
  • keep a clean soul – clean souls are easier to maintain than a cluttered one. the clean spaces of our soul are where we grow and expand. we learn and grow wiser, transferring to our wives and children good things and not what inherited as fatherless boys.

Together we grow.

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