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Packing What's Proper

One of the great privileges of my life is having friends that serve our great nation in the United States Military. On occasion, they will share stories of their early days in training. One of the best is how to pack a “ruck sack”.

From a civilian perspective, the “ruck” is a crucial piece of equipment. It is the piece of equipment that other major necessities for battles are transported. Packed too light, a soldier is missing essentials, too heavy, or too light then last movement to the next assignment can be detrimental to the solider and to those in his or her unit.

In the same way, so it is with you father. Packing your soul with the appropriate and essential tools, weapons and survival pieces are absolute for you and the family you lead into the future. Here’s my experience, looking back, my “ruck” – my soul, needed some serious unpacking. I am a serious over packer. Scratch. Hoarder packer.

My hoarder packer tendencies were due to several things I did not perceive at the time. Here they are in no particular order, but terribly overloading at the same time. They each in their own corruptible way caused me to focus on the wrong stuff creating blind spots, weakness, and faulty leadership with my sons. Did I slow their growth as men? God only knows. Each one of my sons are good men, each strong and successful in their own rights. I am so very proud of them. Luke, David, and Ben, I love you more than you know until you each become fathers.

I am in the process of mineralizing my hoarded distractions and weights that I will never acquire the strength, wisdom, capacities or capabilities to successfully survive or lead my family with into the future. These are the items I am discarding and destroying with the help and strength of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lighten The Weight

  1. Fear. Raising children and leading a family is a specialty discipline. Requiring courage, strength, wisdom and power that are form the source of immeasurable depth or limit. There is absolutely no place for fear. Rid yourself of it. More in the next blog about this one.
  2. Inferiority. Do you feel inferiority ion you life or leadership? Welcome to the battle father! The greatest challenge father’s have in life is being the “tip of the spear” leading your wife and children. So, step out of feeling inferior. Never compare yourself to others. Identify you weak spots. Locate and acquire another battle hardened father that knows the necessary steps to defeat feeling inferiority. And foremost, ask for the help that only God’s Holy Spirit can instruct, give and empower. Find your identity.
  3. Intimidation. Fearing what you don’t know fused with the personal weaknesses actual or imagined, can comprise and crumble a very strong father. You are not what intimidation says that you are under pressure in the shadows. You are more than you realize yourself to see or to be in this life. #riseupbruh
  4. Reference Points. When we are fatherless, our greatest deficit would be the lack of reference points in leading self and family. Reference markers. Monuments are memorials-a place of significant life events, lessons where life skill learning sets our character, strength and ability. What we are taught and what is ingrained in the hearts determines what kind of man we will be and how we will lead. These are the lessons that shaped souls and futures. Frame work for generations to come. #makeyourown

Now, what is it in your “ruck” that you need to trash? Fear not the burn pile, for it cleanses the soul making it lighter. #crushitbruh

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