Growing up fatherless took its toll on me at an early age. However, I was unaware of it at the time and didn’t understand the implications until much later.  My mom was the real hero. With four children under five years old, no place to live, and no income, the future didn’t seem the brightest. She arranged for our little family to move in with my grandparents, her mom and dad. They were heroes too. I was the oldest and the only boy, and three younger  sisters, Rebekah, Deanna, and Daphne.

This is how Fatherseekers emerged. Years and experiences of brokenness, hurt, disappointment, and distrust all rolled up into confusion and no point of reference for what a dad means to a family.  All this, distilled down over time, to help other fatherless dads become warrior dads, hero dads, and husbands that legends are made of. Now it’s clear that I didn’t start that way, and neither will you. You start now and where you are at the present time. You just start.

Fatherseekers’ primary mission is to connect fatherless dads to the legacy of fatherhood,” passing along wisdom, experience,  and tools for becoming artisans of the craft of fatherhood. Sustainable, reproducible principles and practices that will transfer heritage, traditions, and legacy to your children. Why? So that the cycle of fatherlessness can be broken, once and for all, in your generational line. Fatherless dads pass down fatherlessness to their families, friends, and others they influence if the cycle is not broken.

One of the most incredible things in my journey was the gift of a beautiful lady who has been my wife for over three decades now. Her name is Jenny. She is an audiologist and serves at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Fayetteville, NC. I also have three fantastic sons, Luke, David, and Ben and a beautiful daughter-in-law, Gabbi. Luke is a singer-song writer living in Los Angeles, CA. David and Gabbi live in Seattle, WA where David is a store manager for Starbucks, and Gabbi works in pharmaceuticals. Ben lives in Boone, North Carolina and is a new navigator of adulthood.

So, join me, won’t you? You will meet many amazing people along the way.

Join the journey. Become a Fatherseeker.

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